Let’s get you connected!

Ryneveld Fibre offers competitive pricing in comparison with major national ISP’s coupled with a very flexible fair use policy.

Free-standing homes

Our FTTH service has limited availability to users in free-standing properties in Pierre van Ryneveld. 
We are hard at work to get fibre to all free-standing homes.

Availability: Jacobus de Villiers (odd numbers), Hertzog (even numbers between Dan Pienaar and Jacobus de Villiers), Lower Kirkness (Richards, Kirkness towards the “bokpark” complexes), Van Deventer/Klopper block.

Rolling out:
Spitfire/Mustang and the “plane” streets, Aerosud area

Packages for free-standing homes, complexes and estates

Ryneveld Fibre Packages

Installation costs

Installations and activations typically costs R2690 including a free-to-use WiFi router (limited to a standard installation max. 30m).

Activations / Migrations

A migration & re-activation fee of R1000 will be charged.

On par

Most ISP’s offer standard and high-end packages. Ryneveld Fibre is on par with competing ISP’s high-end offers.